Daylight Saving

Western Australia adopted daylight saving time in 1974, but abandoned it following a referendum in 1975. It then reintroduced it in 1983–84, only to be abandoned again following a referendum during 1984.

A referendum in 1992 sealed the fate of daylight saving time in Western Australia until the question resurfaced during 2006. On 24 October 2006, the Premier of Western Australia, Alan Carpenter indicated his support for a three-year trial of daylight saving time in Western Australia beginning on the first Sunday in summer, 3 December 2006.14

This, coupled with the decision by both sides of politics to support a free vote led to a 37–14 vote in the Legislative Assembly in favour of the daylight saving time trial. A subsequent vote of the Legislative Council passed the trial with a vote of 21–10. A referendum on the future of daylight saving in Western Australia will be held in 2009 after the three-year trial has been completed.

However, many Western Australians have, after finishing the first trial in a particularly hot, dry summer have voiced their opposition to continuing the trial for another two years.

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