Relevant facts on trading hours

Current trading hours:

  • Monday – 8am to 6pm (8am – 7pm TP)
  • Tuesday – 8am to 6pm (8am – 7pm TP)
  • Wednesday – 8am to 6pm (8am – 7pm TP)
  • Thursday – 8am to 9pm (8am – 7pm PTP)
  • Friday – 8am to 6pm (8am – 9pm PTP, 8am – 7pm FTP)
  • Saturday – 8am – 5pm
  • Sunday 12 noon – 6pm TP

Note: TP refers to the Tourism Precincts of Perth and Fremantle
PTP refers to the Perth Tourism Precinct
FTP refers to the Fremantle Tourism Precinct

Under current laws, retailers who employ less than 10 people in their shop at any one time can trade outside the restricted hours.

It is anticipated that the referendum will add $300,000 or more to the cost of the State election.

The vote will not cover Sunday trading for bottle shops.

Country residents will vote on the issue despite it only applying to Perth.

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